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Images of an end of the century.
Spain in 360º since 1997

When I started my first company miradorVR I started developing multimedia CDROM and web pages in which 360º panoramas in virtual reality were added for the first time in Spain. The first panoramas were made in Cáceres, then with my wife Yolanda I kept photographing all of Extremadura in almost all the towns and cities.
Finally we took the great leap through the peninsula and we only stayed in the inkwell to the islands, Ceuta and Melilla. As a result we made 400 panoramic views of all Spain and 100 of all Extremadura, all with negative reels, since it was the only way that existed at that time to take photos with good quality.
Next we create a web http://www.miradorvr.com in which we have all the panoramas, but scanned at low quality, because at that time if you made them of high quality, you were not able to visualize them on any computer. Each one occupied between 100 and 200 KB of memory.
Apple created a website describing the whole feat, which was visualized on its news website for 3 years. That had a very positive effect on miradorvr.com in the google ranking.
Today from the Apple Museum we are scanning in high resolution all those negatives and remastering the images, since some negatives are in poor condition, since they are 20 years old.
The curious and striking of these panoramas is to see how our cities were 20 years ago, since Google Street View did not appear until about 8 years ago in Spain.
The file can be seen in low quality from the web for old computers and in high quality visiting the Museum directly and request to see it on a computer.

Now you can see an example of how the files will be on the web. To see it in high resolution visit the museum. Soon it will be compatible with modern devices.

Se necesita instalar Quicktime para visualizar panorámicas de 360°

Mayor Square of Cáceres when parking car in 1997

610 KB

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