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The history of Apple in detail.

More of 140 different computers: Complete Apple Colecction, a library and many computers from other brands like Mits Altair, IBM, Next Computer, Silicon Graphics, Commodore, Radio-Shack TRS-80, Compaq, Kaypro, Bell & Howell, Osborne, Spectrum Sinclair, Ericsson, Dragon, Sanyo, Sony, BBC, Acorn, Lear Siegler, Atari, Secoinsa, Sharp, Philips, Amstrad, Toshiba, Panasonic, Olivetti, Sun Microsystem, Siemens, Victor, etc

The whole visit is guided by an expert.

Do you want to donate your old computer? Get in touch with us before throwing it. There are already many who have donated their old computer, this is the list of donors.

Tlf: +34 927•31•65•01 Mobile: +34 667•65•00•75
Email: info•@•museoapple.com (Remove the dots ;-)

Web optimized for older computers
Do not expect frills.