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You can check all information about Apple computers from AppleVintage.com
In the winery are the large reserves:

All Apple II with CMOS processors

Apple Lisa and all Macintosh with Motorola processors

In the upstairs room you will see all the computers with PowerPC processors

You can manage them, go back to the past and see applications like Microsoft Word 1.0 on a Macintosh 128K. Children can enjoy watching games in different decades from the 70s to the 2000. It is not just about seeing, but about interacting guided by an expert. Computers are connected to the internet, you can even play network games with each other.

Not only Apple

You can enjoy other computers like IBM, Radio Shack, SECOINSA, Spectrum Sinclair, Philips, Dragon, MSX, Atari, BBC, Commodore, Sanyo, Sony, Acorn, Osborne, Amstrad, Toshiba, Siemens, Sharp, Compaq, Panasonic etc.


If you're a geek, you can buy retro videogame consoles with lots of fun games and USB devices.

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