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Macintosh LC580

Finally, the Macintosh LC580 is working. It is one of the most costly computers to restore. Since it was not sold in Europe, I had to bring it on three occasions in the USA, the first two came shredded, it is a very delicate computer, with a very poor quality plastic. Already desperate, I got them to send me a third party that arrived well. It was disassembled and now we finally have in the museum this American rarity in perfect condition and with system in Spanish.
It's a "All in One" with Motorola 68040 to 33Mhz processor and 14" monitor, an equivalent in processor to the Performa 630, that yes, was sold in Europe. Although it looks like it has a monitor on it, really, it's all compact.
It began to be manufactured in April 1995 and was discontinued in April 1996.

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